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Beyond our catering services, we strive to develop a pleasant environment that promotes a welcoming atmosphere for our customers.

Having a meal at Terrasse Wood 2.0

Having a meal at Terrasse Wood 2.0 has now become a real tradition. Initially operating in a trailer, the restaurant expanded steadily over the years until it was purchased in 2007 by the current owner, Sylvie Blouin.

Boasting over 30 years of industry experience, Ms Blouin expanded the restaurant in 2015’s fall to welcome more people. Our dining room has grown from 22 seats to 60 seats. We’ve also renovated the décor, transforming Terrasse Wood 2.0 into a more friendly atmosphere, perfectly designed for a nice chat over some delicious meals. Even the parking lot has been enlarged at the back to accommodate you better.

Pizza Restaurant Compton

Our family restaurant is open year-round and offers Quebec products as well as homemade recipes. Come and have a bite of our delicious Mini Wood and Big Wood, which have been the most famous dishes of the restaurant since their appearance on the menu many years ago.

Terrasse Wood 2.0 is also a dairy bar serving products made with the famous Coaticook ice cream. Newly introduced this summer, our homemade gelato and homemade sorbet filled with fresh fruits are sure to whet your appetite and delight your senses.

Pizza Restaurant Compton

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